Jim's Hooch

Welcome to a collection of my handcrafted spirits.   Not really a blog,  but a few of my favorite creations and the labels I made for them.   Sorry you cant sample these over the web, but I hope you enjoy the artwork.  Come back to see regular updates.

Ive started adding recipe's for these spirits at another blog,  more will be added as time permits http://jimshoochrecipes.blogspot.com/

For a list of my beers and beer labels check out my brew log blog at http://jimsbrews.blogspot.com/


Bourbon: Wheated Bourbon in the style of Makers Mark, Van Winkle and others.
68% Illinois 'dent' Corn, 20% malted Montana Winter Red Wheat,
12% Wisconsin 6 Row Barley Malt. 
Fermented with West Coast Ale yeast, twice distilled and
aged in new chared American White Oak.
She's All American Baby! 

Wheat Single Malt Whiskey:  Double distilled from 100% malted Wisconsin
Red Wheat. Aged on toasted French Limousin oak.
Warm you up like a little slice of heaven

Triple Distilled Five Grain: 
Barley, Oats, Corn, Wheat and Rye.
Smooth and slightly grainy, but clean like
an Irish style whiskey from 3 passes
through the potstill.   Aged on charred white oak
soaked in sherry and apple brandy for a hint of fruit and sweetness.

Bonfire Smoked Whiskey:  A smokey whiskey similar to a Scottish Single Malt,
but sweeter from addition of some corn, spicier from 12% Rye Malt,
Fruitier from 14% Wheat Malt and smoother from a dose of Oats.
Peat smoked and Cherry smoked malts make her a
smokey experience that will light you up.
Absinthe:  le fee verte - the green fairy
A muse, a metaphorical symbol of artistic enlightenment.
She's the real deal, made to historical recipes.

Let the ritual of 'la louche' fuel your bohemian dreams
Sandy Bum  White Rum:  Florally delicious white rum made from 100% 
Columbian sugar cane (Panela).   You may never drink Bacardi again.
Island paradise baby! 

Potstilled Vodka:  5 distillations of a
4 grain mash.  Clean but with a subtle flavor
from the grain.  Warm, like basking in a
warm winter sun.

Feral Gin:  Untamed, wild and uninhibited.
Juniper, Coriander, Fennel Seed,
Tangerine and Grapefruit zest blend to
create a gin thats delicious straight up or
with your favorite mixer.
She's mysterious, but delicious.

Spiced Rum: Madagascar vanilla bean, cinnamon, clove,
all spice and orange zest in a base of 100% sugar cane white rum.
She's just spicy enough to titillate the tongue.

Apple Brandy:  28 lbs of mixed variety apples per bottle.  
Single distillation to preserve the apple flavors,  French Oak aged. 
She's smooth, sweet and intense.

Corn Whiskey:  80% Cracked Corn, 20% Barley Malt.
Straight White or Barrel Aged
they're both a wild ride! 

PantyDroppers:  These are tasty sippers made
by infusing fruit in cleanly distilled neautral spirits.   Pour some on
ice for  your girl and see if it lives up to its namesake.

Beer Whiskey:  This is an oddball.  What happens when you
distill a hoppy IPA?   Yes, you get an intensely
hoppy whiskey.   Aged up on oak to mellow it out some
its still a kick in the teeth.
Raspberry eau de vie:  Eau de vie is a clear white fruit brandy distilled from
fruit wines.  This one is in the style of a French eau de vie de Framboise Sauvage,
made from carefully fermented raspberries and distilled once to
preserve the fruit flavors. Its a raspberry bomb! 

Cherry eau de vie:  Similar in style to the Raspberry eau de vie above,
but made with Montmorency sour cherries from my backyard.
Popularly in Germany as 'Kirschwasser Scnapps'
Cherry pie with a kick!

Blueberry eau de vie:  Distilled from Michigan Blueberries.
She's a drunken blueberry pie

Alternative label for my Apple Brandy.  Calvados is the French term for Apple Brandy.
Very popular beverage in Normandy and Brittany.